Area 51 / S4

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Top Secret Military Base in Nevada. Videos of Bob Lazar, The History Channel, Ancient Aliens, and more.

Map of Sand Spring Valley, Rachel, NV and Tikaboo Valley below. It shows the location of Area 51, the Main Gate and the Back Gate, the Black Mailbox, and several other locations that may be of interest for visitors to the area. For a larger scale map and driving directions to Area 51, check out and be sure to donate to their site, as they provide this information for free without advertisements. : )

In the table below NY… and LN… refers to the Nye and Lincoln County mile markers along Hwy. 375. Latitude and Longitude are the GPS coordinates of the location.

0Area 51 (Tower) 37°14.428′115°48.528′
1Queen City Summit (5960 ft.)NY 45.8537°45.129′115°56.733′
2Nye / Lincoln County LineLN 0 /
NY 49.36
3Town of RachelLN 10.037°38.801′115°44.760′
4Intersection of Hwy. 375 and Back Gate RoadLN 11.437°38.063′115°43.181′
5Area 51 Back Gate (Rachel Back Gate) – Here you get to see the guard shack. It is legal to drive right up to the barrier10.2 mi from 437°35.641′115°53.924′
6Coyote Summit (5591 ft.)LN 16.637°34.331′115°40.123′
7Former Black Mailbox, intersection of Hwy. 375 and Mailbox Road – Good viewing location. However, the base is right behind White Sides (the mountain with ‘shoulders’ on both sides) from hereLN 29.637°27.432′115°28.962′
8Crescent Reservoir – 5-way intersection. Make sure you get the right turn here. The main road leads around the reservoir and to the ranch; to get to Groom Lake Road take the second road from the right.3.9 mi from 737°24.063′115°29.573′
9Gravel Parking Area south of Hwy. 375 – Excellent viewing location, slightly higher than the Mailbox, and better angleLN 32.337°25.931′115°26.689′
10Intersection of Hwy. 375 and Groom Lake RoadLN 34.637°24.892′115°24.586′
11Intersection of Groom Lake Road and Ranch Road4.2 mi from 10
1.0 mi from 8
12Intersection of Groom Lake Road and Mailbox Road – Coming from the Mailbox, turn right onto Groom Lake Road here5.2 mi from 10
1.1 mi from 8
13Area 51 Main Gate – Do not continue past the warning signs. Look for the cammos on nearby hills. Security cameras on the hill to your left13.8 mi from 1037°21.068′115°38.813′
14Hancock Summit (5592 ft.)LN 37.537°25.832′115°22.432′
15Horneys Rest Stop – Roadside rest near Hancock summit, some shade, picnic tablesLN 38.137°26.372′115°22.614′
16Powerlines Overlook – Excellent high elevation view point in the mountains behind the Black Mailbox. Requires 4WD4.3 mi
from 15
17Tikaboo Peak – The closest view spot for Area 51. Requires 4WD and a somewhat strenuous hike25.8mi f.Area 5137°20.654′115°21.543′
18Groom Lake Road Guard Shack – Hidden behind a curve well inside the restricted area, do not attempt to go there.0.85 mi from 1337°20.750′115°39.610′
19Bald Mountain Radio and Surveillance Facility15.0mi f.Area 5137°26.967′115°44.023′
20White Sides (Former Area 51 View Spot)13.3mi f.Area 5137°22.114′115°37.681′
21Freedom Ridge (Former Area 51 View Spot)11.1mi f.Area 5137°20.077′115°38.679′