We are OPEN!
Lots of cold drinks, snacks, souvenirs, supplies, books, videos, maps, fuel and of course friendly staff to make you feel at home even though you are in the middle of Nevada on the Extraterrestrial Highway!

Alien Cowpoke Gasoline
& General Store

Gas, snacks, supplies, groceries, souvenirs, books, maps, friendly conversation and much more!

Alien Cowpoke

Rachel, Nevada: We are the first gas station in Rachel in over a decade and a half providing fuel midway from US 6 and SR 318 / US 93. Our general store is now open, and a planned campground and event area to open this Fall 2021. Click here for more info

NV 375 – The Extra-Terrestrial Hwy: This lonely road traverses the outskirts of the top secret Area 51, Groom Lake and S-4. The desert landscape for miles and miles is a site to behold and enjoy. There are surprises of ghost towns, old mines, a wildlife range, petroglyphs and even Indian pools when you venture a little off the beaten path. Click here for more info

Area 51 / S4: Top Secret Military Base in Nevada. Videos of Bob Lazar, The History Channel, Aliens, and more. Click here for Videos

Join us Live for the Alien Cowpoke Podcast
Premiering July 2021